total control, no more middle man

With DealerVault, you have total control and visibility into what data is available to each of your solution providers. You are able to update data feeds, limit access, monitor all activity and view reports detailing when data was collected and sent to your solution providers at any time.

Data Security
Eliminate compliance and security concerns

DealerVault offers a secure, compliant alternative for data movement. We eliminate concerns about complying with NADA guidelines by allowing your solution providers access to only the data needed to drive their solution. DealerVault has partnered with Rackspace® to provide this secure place to syndicate and distribute your data.

Easy, Intuitive Design

DealerVault’s easy-to-use web platform allows you to quickly and easily view and modify current data feeds, check the status of activities, disable access and manage multiple stores with the simple click of a button.